Risk Management

As wealth managers, we help you understand and manage the risks inherent to investing and building wealth by providing advice and financial modeling.

Investing requires that we buy assets that will be affected by future events, and risk arises when negative outcomes are possible because of those future events. Rational investors seek compensation for the risk of exposure to those negative outcomes, but those future events are, of course, not knowable or predictable.

But not knowing the future doesn't mean that we can't deal with it. Instead, we encourage investors to view the future not as a knowable certainty, but instead as a range of possibilities. We use financial modeling as a tool to help you cope with the uncertainties of investing by showing you a range of financial possibilities based on different investment strategies and future market performance.

Financial modeling is a process that allows us to help investors like you to better understand your options while simultaneously gaining a better understanding of what risk really means to you. After developing a financial model, we help you determine which possibilities are most appropriate for your particular situation. The modeling becomes a plan upon which we construct your portfolio, and can help manage riskduring turbulent markets.

Below are a few questions to get you started thinking about your risk profile:

  • Compared to others, how do you rate your willingness to take financial risk?
  • How easily do you adapt when things go wrong financially?
  • When you think of the work “risk” in a financial contact, what words come to mind?
  • Have you ever invested a large sum in a “risky” investment mainly for the thrill of seeing whether it went up or down in value?
  • How much confidence do you have in your ability to make good financial decision?

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