Comprehensive Financial Planning

Byas Wealth Managemen recongizes Comprehensive Financial Planning is not a "PRODUCT", it is a "PROCESS". 

Achieving financial independence means having sufficient income to cover living expenses without the need to work. Your goal is to be financially independent–you just don't know what it will look like or how to get there.

We can help you understand the possibilities for your future so that you can set firm goals along the way in working towards financial independence.

Because financial independence is a big-picture pursuit, we will urge you to establish annual goals or targets. These goals are typically based on your desire to maintain your current standard of living for the rest of your life. If your goal is to maintain your standard of living, we help you determine how much needs to be set aside each year to reach your longer-term objective, and then we help you to stay focused and accountable.

If you are seeking a path to financial independence, you likely have the following questions:

  • How much money will we need to retire and preserve our standard of living?
  • How much income can be distributed from our portfolio?
  • What would be the impact of working longer or working during our retirement?
  • When should we begin taking Social Security?
  • What about our short-term goals and “bucket list” items—are they achievable? Can we build a cabin, finance our grandchildren's education, or take that family trip to Europe?
  • What are our possible lifestyle options in retirement with our current portfolio?
  • How can we minimize our tax exposure?

Let us answer your questions and help you plan toward financial independence, contact us to learn more.

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